* DIY * Theatre from old carton paper


Family treasure is a DIY old carton paper Theatre

Look at our work how we recycled old carton paper into a brilliant family theater. Do you want to be creative with us? Let´s look what do we need?

  • used carton paper
  • packaging tape
  • natural string
  • scissors
  • wooden sticks
  • coloring pens, paints, pencils
  • other decorations (such as fabrics, cut outs, silk paper, stickers, buttons, etc.) to make your Theatre attractive and unique
  1. First of all, agree with your kids on the Theatre topic and theme. This will make your later work smoother. Do you want to end up with a wild animal story or a romantic play with 3 princesses and one prince?
  2. Define all characters you will need. You can use paper and pencil to write down and identify those roles and characters.
  3. Delegate the work based on kids interests and abilities.
  4. Don´t forget about the scene and coulisses. These elements are so important to have the right show atmosphere.

Once you have done all your work, it´s time to finalize your Theatre. You need to make all your characters to be stable and standing on their own. You can do it by creating + shape at the bottom. Look at the photo above. The horse has a paper support to be able to stand. Also put a wooden stick at the back of each character with packaging tape. It will be easy for you to pick and move with the roles during your show. Then decorate your scene either with gluing it to the walls or you can hang the elements using a string. And I think you are ready to start the show. Good luck and if you want to, you can send me picture of your amazing family theater!

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